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Pillow is a completely new series of acoustic furniture which will make home and workplace even more personal.

Pillow Space
Pillow Space is a series of acoustic space dividers with an unprecedented performance. The high quality foam in Pillow Space absorbs sounds and improves acoustics. Our basic version of Pillow Space has an upholstered panel on the front and rear and is closed at the top and sides. We have also created some additional functions that enable you to configure Pillow Space exactly how you want it. Panels can be equipped with coat hooks, brochure holders or even LCD screens. And the left or right sides can be equipped with a wardrobe bar, shelves, brochure panels and/or door panels. The top end can also be provided with an integrated planter. Equipped with casters, Pillow Space is a mobile and flexible divider for any open space. Pillow Space received the Interior Innovation Award 2015.

Pillow Wall
Pillow Wall is an extended family of wall elements enabling you to build your own mosaic mini‐society. The acoustic properties of our Pillow wall panels are superb by the use of high quality acoustic foam. The broad range of sizes, accessories, fabrics and colours ensure that Pillow Wall becomes a sublime central element in any interior. A Pillow whiteboard and magnetic board are the perfect finish to creating a personal Pillow Wall.

Pillow panels
Pillow includes a range of colourful wall panels which will add tranquillity to any lobby, hallway, office or meeting room. Decorative and functional: as wardrobe, magazineholder and memopanel. Covered with soft foam and a high quality wool felt, Pillow panels also contribute to the absorption of sound. Pillow Panels received the Interior Innovation Award 2013.