Key facts

Vetro Stripes 04B
Vetro Decori
Casamood by Florim
Architonic ID:
Outdoor flooring-Mosaics
Hard floors-Glass mosaics
Flooring units-Mosaics
Wall coverings-Wall mosaics
Glass-Glass mosaics


Vetro Decori Brocades is a Casamood mosaics collection designed for the classic and refined floral compositions of brocade fabrics. The key-concept of the colelction is the texture, a mix of colors of glass, able to enrich the spaces through a romantic view of themselves.

Vetro Decori Pattern is a Casamood mosaics collection designed for modular compositions that recall draws and frames of "Fusion" inspiration. Thanks to the warm colors of the glass sections it has been possible to revisit, in a modern-way, the geometries used in the luxurious domus of the past.

Vetro Decori Spring is a Casamood mosaics collection inspired by the freshness of spring colors and natural geometries that invokes the landscape of gardens in bloom. The combination of the delicate chromatic range of glasses and the affinity of materials make this collection a touch of fantasy and light for fine spaces.

Vetro Decori Stripes is a Casamood mosaics collection inspired by the contrasting of colors and teh geometric lines that recall those of the modern weaving of fabrics for furniture. The wide range of colors, from the collection of glass, allows to create unexpected optical effects, giving a touch of surprise and refinement to the spaces.