The new nirano series continues the intense action of research and experimentation that characterizes the high technical and aesthetic content ceramic elements of the Granitoker line. These materials, which are obtained with the most advanced technology applied to fully-vitrified porcelain stoneware, allow for the widest range of creative opportunities. Even the new nirano series is based on this innovative content: full-body structure, grain size, veining and streaks, chromatic variety, texture and surface finishes re-propose the same features of the stone materials they recall, while the level of performance they offer are even greater than those found in nature. produced by an in-depth design study on matter and form aimed at obtaining a natural effect, the nirano series is expressed with four delicate colourings capable of generating extremely fascinating atmospheres.

From white to grey and black, all the colours are slightly mottled with soft veining patterns in darker tones. The richness of the colour palette proposed is further enhanced by the availability of two finishes (natural and satinate) and by the great 60x120 cm format offered in submultiples to allow for numberless matches and compositions both in floors and in claddings. The quality of the material and the originality of design offer designers huge expressive possibilities for the implementation of customized applications. Highly performing in terms of wear, collision, stain and thermal shock resistance, these slabs - each different from the others - are a perfect choice for special floor and wall cladding solutions in both indoor and outdoor applications ranging from residential buildings to large commercial surfaces, from public buildings to urban landscaping, from the most challenging constructions of modern architecture to the recovery and restoration of existing structures. Like all Casalgrande padana’s production, the Nirano Series is characterized by its environment-friendly contents because the company has been constantly committed to developing innovative technologies to manufacture high-performance materials with a low environmental impact, as witnessed by the ISO 14001 and Emas certifications obtained.