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Suitable for health and fitness clubs and wellness centers, opaque colored laminated glass lockers are used in wet and dry areas as an alternative to standard hardwood doors. Lock systems provide varying levels of security.
Lockers are available in high quality tempered glass with a variety of interlayers, for projects from public swimming pools to health and fitness clubs—where resistance to vandalism, ease of maintenance and cleaning are vital.
Compartments of variable height provide high storage space for walking aids used by people with reduced mobility, including wall mounted lockers to give wheelchair access, and are ADA compliant. Doors, number plates and tactile numerals are available in contrasting colors to assist visually impaired users. A keyless lock with push lock/unlock action avoids turning, for people with reduced dexterity. Electronic combination locks are also available.
Our technical team can advise on appropriate types of locker layouts, lock options and available finishes. The preferred internal shape of the storage lockers should be able to provide the maximum amount of clear space inside each compartment with hanging fixtures. This permits choice of space utilization with jackets/sports bags accommodated as required. While compartments may be sub-divided they are not user friendly, resulting in wasted space, preventing storage of larger sports bags also creating difficulties with ventilation and cleaning.

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