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I-SYS – Stainless steel as a design element
Stainless steel cables are among the most versatile elements of architecture. They are functional, stable, long-lived and simultaneously decorative and individually deployable. I-SYS unites all these characteristics and provides tailored solutions for each contract - from the balustrade infill up to highly stressed suspension.
The I-SYS range comprises of around 1,000 fittings and accessories. Stainless steel cables are available in diameters of 1 mm to 26 mm. The application areas of I-SYS are versatile for:
Balustrade infill: The I-SYS program for railings makes individual forms and solutions for the design of railing infill possible. The cables follow every pitch angle and self-assembly with tensile end connections is provided.
Falling protection: Large gaps at danger points are compensated by I-SYS constructions. The stable cables and tie bars of stainless steel give support and protect from accidents.
Bracing: A cross-shaped connection of steel elements from the I-SYS program can be employed for the stabilisation and relief of supporting elements.
Suspensions: The stainless steel elements of I-SYS can be employed in various ways as vertical load bearers or diagonal mountings.
Canopies: The I-SYS canopies eaves offer an elegant possibility for canopies with minimal material deployment. The slender steel cables are anchored in the wall and give the glass roof stability by pre-stressing.
Green wall systems: A noble and individually adapted steel cable grid provides for a controlled growth of plants on the façade. Intermediate and end mounts in two variants are available for different tension loads.
Structural detail and special solutions I-SYS is a holistic concept. The experts of Carl Stahl accompany the project from the first idea to the development up to production, assembly and follow-up service of the project.
The I-SYS climbing system is particularly suitable for greenery which should be adapted to the building structure. Cut-outs for windows can be taken into account by the arrangement of the climbing aids. The cable course follows the façade geometry. The I-SYS climbing system is especially suitable for winding and climbing plants. Another positive aspect of I-SYS: if the cables on the lowest wall bracket are fastened only hand-tight and provided with a protrusion, they can "grow along" with the development of the plant.

All products from the I-SYS program are comprised of noncorroding stainless steel. The cables are manufactured from stainless steel of the material class 1.4401. Fittings and accessories are comprised of stainless steel of the material classes 1.4301, 1.4305, 1.4401, 1.4404 and 1.4571.