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Mogens Koch 1/2 bookcase
Mogens Koch Bookcase system
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1/2 reversible bookcase unit designed by Mogens Koch, 76 cm x 38 cm x 27 cm (D), three sections. Can be used both horizontally and vertically. It can be placed on bases, on top of other units designed by Mogens Koch or it can be wall hung.

Also available as special unit (36 cm (D).

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Bookcase - or the Bookcase system - designed by Mogens Koch is an icon today for design lovers worldwide. Unique craftsmanship, fine details and timeless design also appeal to new generations appreciating the quality and flexibility provided by the system. Mogens Koch started designing the bookcase in 1928 with the first sketches for the modular bookcase system. Rud. Rasmussen produced the first prototype in 1930, and the bookcase was put into production in 1932.

The bookcase designed by Mogens Koch has thus been produced continuously for more than 75 years at Rud. Rasmussen. The workshop has refined the industrial craftsmanship where the units are made of solid wood in very thin dimensions by skilled cabinet makers who use the traditional dovetail joints and rabbet joints to provide high strength and stability of each individual bookcase system.

"There was a shop in London with a shag pipe in the window display - "the World's best Pipe" – and then this silly person entered the shop and asked to see their collection. No, they had "the Worlds best…", why there was no reason to offer anything inferior ." This is quote from Mogens Koch. Whether he meant his own bookcase system - in a figurative sense - that is not on record. But it is claimed that the bookcase is the most copied bookcase in the world - and there is probably some truth in it.