Key facts


The "Re" in Re-Tire is post-consumer and post-industrial waste (proportions vary per color); the "Tire" is SBR synthetic rubber made from old tire scrap.
Unique to Capri, Medley 'mixes it up' by adding post-industrial CORK waste to recycled rubber. The cork adds interesting textural variations and gives a whole new look to recycled rubber.
Re-Tire available in: 4 mm, 6 mm, or 9 mm thickness in rolls, tiles and interlocking tiles. 9 mm thickness is required for sports floors where free weights are used and/or spikes/skates are worn.
For percentages of post-consumer and post-industrial waste content per color please refer to document RT404 in the Document Library.
Re-tire contributes to LEED credits.

The monitor settings on your computer may affect the colors of the Capri products shown on this website.