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BAC - Twenty years after designing the Thinking Man’s Chair, Jasper Morrison, English by birth but increasingly a man of the world, has still managed to astound the world of high design with Bac, the new chair in solid ash wood and plywood. The frame is available in bleached, wenge tinted or cherry red aniline tinted ash wood. The seat is available in diverse variations and has the same finishings as the frame with upholstery in leather or white, brown, grey or black linoleum with an ash wood back. The chair combines perfectly with the Bac table series but can easily complement many other items from the Cappellini Collection as well.

Chair - cm 52,5 x 51 x 45,5/73

Two new pieces enter the Bac family. Bac One and Bac Two are two chairs that maintain a lightness of material and simplicity of form original to the Bac armchairs but, being free of armrests, are designed for a more flexible and informal use. Created in solid ash, Bac One and Bac Two are distinguished by a pure and precise contour, making them immediately recognisable. They are available in bleached ash, cherry red aniline and a wenge stain. The body can be upholstered in linoleum (in white, brown/burgundy, grey/azure and black), fabric and leather.

Chair - cm 41 x 48 x 77 h

The Bac chair with its classic and linear shape, is made entirely of solid ash wood. The simple design, typical of Jasper Morrison, and the comfort of the seat and armrests make it suitable for any situation. The new aniline Shanghai blue finish gives it a contemporary verve.

Chair - cm 52 x 51 x H 45/73