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Fold Wall Lamp
Cangini e Tucci >
Cristian Li Voi >
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Interior lighting-Wall lights >
Interior lighting-Wall lights >

Product description

Ø24 cm - h 10 cm
1 x LED 12,8W Dimmer Triac - 1615 Lm - 126 Lm/W CC 350mA - CRI Typ.95 - 32 - 40V 180° - 3 step MacAdam - 2700°K / 3000°K

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The term “fold” in its simplest interpretation is an action applied to an object in such a way that it takes on a new shape, becoming something rather different. A fold’s contrast between before and after, simple and complex, and far and near, are all part of the research that led to the creation of the lamp called Fold.

Fold’s outline traces a silhouette that sets its upper and lower parts far apart, allowing light to play in the gap in-between, drawing our gaze towards its centre. Here, the form undergoes a striking change. Above and below lose meaning, creating a oneness, an illusion that obfuscates where exactly the light comes from.
Its source is, in fact, fully incorporated within the glass of Fold’s central crease, adding technical accomplishment to the lamp’s high aesthetic value.
All this comes from a gesture at once simple and complex, a Fold.