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Cylindrical and linear, like the ancient coniferous forests of Rokua National Park in Finland, the Rokua luminaire evokes the same serene ambience of this UNESCO site. Just as Rokua Park harbours secrets of the Ice Age, the Rokua lanterns hand-drawn glass conceals the lighting element while diffusing a warm tranquil glow. The solid brass structure of the Rokua, engineered from the hand-milling of brass plates, holds a sophisticated internal structure that supports the hand drawn glass. As with all our pieces the Rokua can be customised in size and finish to meet your vision, whether that is vertically or horizontally, a single extended row or multiple rows as displayed here.
Standard profile size: 16cm or 24cm lanterns diameter. Up to 300cm lanterns length. Bespoke options available. Integral LED lighting. Polished or brushed metal finishes available.