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MePa - Interference (custom)
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Eric Zimmermann >, Nathalie Pozzi >
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Wall decoration-Wall hangings >
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Product description

An intriguing design for Interference, a large-scale, physical game installation by architect Nathalie Pozzi and game designer Eric Zimmerman.
The installation consists of five suspended, super-thin steel walls featuring organic patterns resembling cell tissues. These custom engraved panels act as vertical game boards and contain pull-out elements: the objective is to create a game with a high level of social interaction. Interference has been on exhibit at Gaîeté Lyrique in Paris, at Dublin’s Science Gallery, at ZIL Palace of culture in Moscow and at ‘The International Festival of Independent Games’ in Los Angeles, where Interference won the Interaction Award 2012.
Photography by Maxime Dufour, Sean Meredith, Dublin’s Science Gallery.

Material: glossy stainless steel, thickness 0.4 mm
Dimensions: bespoke panels size 50x300 cm

Product family


MePas (Metal Panels) have been conceived combining the art of processing steel with a taste for beauty and artistic research. Their charm lies in the subtle play between shadows, reflections, details and dimensions.
Finely processed, yet made of extremely thin, hard stainless steel, these engraved metal panels are elegant and contemporary and may be adapted or custom created for different styles and settings, allowing designers to explore new directions and create glamorous and exclusive environments.
Thanks to a combination of creativity, know-how, innovation and international vision, Caino Design presents the MePa collection, a range of decorative, large format, finely engraved, stainless steel panels, enjoying great success, both with professionals and the public. There are styles to suit all tastes and room settings. Ten different stylish patterns are available in the collection. These range from delicate abstract cascades to subtle geometric patterns or bold organic floral statements. They can be placed almost anywhere you want and are available in standard modules or custom sizes.

MePas may be employed as room dividers, steel curtains, space dividers, claddings, wall decorations, interior partitions, metallic curtains mounted on rails to create unique visual and tactile experiences.
They are easily shipped to destination rolled into cardboard cylinders.