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FLAP represents a major new milestone for Caimi Brevetti in acoustic panels, and its exclusive patented SNOWSOUND® technology. Designed by Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda, Flap combines great formal simplicity with unique, advanced performance. Much more than just an acoustic panel, Flap improves the acoustic comfort in closed spaces while at the same time expressing formal and aesthetic strength, thanks to its ability to be assembled at will, creating a wide diversity of designs. In constant evolution, the system is innovative due to the technology applied and the concept of the panel as a decorating accessory which can be included in any room to solve acoustic problems. Alberto and Francesco Meda describe their plan as follows: “Our idea is an acoustic panel that does not need to be hidden or disguised. Taking advantage of two-sided panels and SNOWSOUND® technology, we instinctively thought of a variable and lightweight surface, made up of several modules, which can be located in the space according to the changing needs of our contemporary lifestyles. Not so much a partition wall, but an aerial wall-mounted or ceiling mounted structure that affords the end user the utmost creative and expressive freedom.” (Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda) The concept underlying the patented SNOWSOUND® technology lies in its use of panels composed of variable density material, which achieves customised sound absorption to match a diversity of frequencies. As a result, the product improves the room acoustics despite the minimal thickness of the panels and their incredible weightlessness. The lack of frames and seams and the unique material used make these panels extremely lightweight, low bulk, and adaptable to every room. Flap is completely recyclable because it is made with single material components which can be broken down with ease.

• Materials and finishes

Polyester, chromed steel, high-tech polymer.
Panel finishes: Black, White, Grey, Green, Orange, Yellow