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Tecnolito Clay
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Flooring-Ceramic flooring >
Wall coverings-Wall tiles >
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Product description

30 x 30 cm
45 x 45 cm
30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm

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You can enjoy all the complete freedom that you want

Tecnolito is techno-creativity
The SINGLE WORK-SIZE production of every single piece, in any colour, surface finish and size, allows for a minimum grout line installation as well as the mixing together of different sizes and finishes.

Tecnolito is techno-material
Tecnolito is the perfect fusion of the features of countless natural stones:
- it is harder than granite;
- it does not scratch, like diamond;
- it is veined, like marble.
But, unlike any natural stone, it is supplied already squared, rectified and bevelled.

Tecnolito is techno-fantasy
With Tecnolito, you can liberate your creativity, thanks to the broad and complete range: 12 colours (from black to white, from warm to cold hues), 3 surface finishes (natural, polished, textured), 4 sizes (30x30, 45x45, 30x60 and now also 60x60).

Tecnolito is techno-freedom
Tecnolito is the sign of the cultural and social evolution of the living concept combined with the elements of modern architecture; distinguished with “personality” as it expresses a “modern style” allowing for excellent design projects thanks to its freedom in design.