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Flow Miniscratched Dune
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30 x 60 cm

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Beautiful, resistant, alive. Flow transforms spaces, enriches rooms and gives design projects a unique contemporary touch that lasts over time. The result of the extensive research and development that Caesar undertakes is a porcelain stoneware surface that invigorates all the senses, offering a product characterised by excellent technical performances and designed for large-scale architectural projects and modern residential spaces.
Flow, excellence in solid form : ceramic that unearths the infinite perspectives of a project.

Six colours, created to integrate space and emotions, to create unique suggestions, to welcome and to amaze. Colour hues created from natural pigments and clays of the highest quality, to build first and foremost a new living dimension.
A multitude of surfaces.

Flow comes in three surface finishes, three different personalities in one product. Thanks to the style and technical versatility of the surface, Flow is suitable for a multitude of different applications.
Style, elegance, naturalness, these are the answers Flow has for the needs of modern living: two modular sizes and six colours, three surface finishes and a fantastic, surprising ability to transform spaces with a touch of elegance.
The distinctive texture of Flow is characterised by flows and shades of colours that merge with a delicate multi-striped velvety effect pattern, the perfect solution for dressing living spaces with a touch of class. The light plays with colours, flows over the ceramic material and gives life to surfaces with varying chromatic effects. Extremely resistant, Flow is not only an appealing surface but its excellent technical features make it suitable for heavy-traffic public spaces such as airports, shopping malls and galleries.

Flow is ceramic that can metamorphose into surface to interpret the needs and style of contemporary design projects.