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Product description

10, 10,5

75x150 (new), 75x75, 50x75, 25x75, 15x75, 5x75, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60, 11,7x60
finish surfaces: 30x60, 60x60
honed surfaces: 75x75

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Its essential look is enriched by nine sizes and seven neutral colours, it allows spaces to be personalised with a touch that is never excessive: Gate offers the creative freedom to planners and designers that perfectly harmonizes with all design elements. Planning with style is now possible thanks to Gate 75x150, the larger size created for planners who wish to personalise the space using a high-performance material. Gate ceramic slabs, in the new size, offer 1,125 mq of surface for an engulfing effect and a visual continuity of tremendous impact With Gate, the large continuous surface becomes a homogeneous and versatile material, suitable for use on floors and walls: the new 75x150 size extends the space, exalts the volume, amplifies the creative potential of contemporary design. Gate is a contemporary surface offering architects and designers new aesthetic solutions to dress projects with a sought-after original style. Original and bold, the innovative textured finish reinterprets the print of gauge boxes on raw cement thanks to the versatility so typical of ceramics. The textured finish is perfect for outdoor installation, thanks to its R11 A+B anti-slip coefficient but can also be used on indoor walls for stylish effects. Gate decorates with its rich surfaces: never excessive, they enhance the spaces creating a perfect balance between the project and design elements. The surfaces can be applied on floors and walls, in residential and commercial venues. Created in line with Caesar’s culture of the material and manufactured using state-ofthe- art technology, Gate surfaces feature a high resistance to tresses, making the collection perfect for commercial destinations of use. The creative possibilities of the Gate range have evolved thanks to the new honed finish. Refined and elegant in the large 75x75 cm size, the honed surface plays with light effects creating a smooth, alluring surface.