Product description

60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm


Iridescent light effects, precious materials and metals, dynamic surfaces, depth of vision. Moiré effect, refined design and thin, brilliant glitters.
Original points of view in continuous evolution, delicate microstructure. Lounge and chill-out atmospheres, a luxury that is not shown, contemporary, young metropolitan spaces.

Night, Forge and Bronze colors are obtained by using a minimum 40% of recycled ceramic material (pre–consumer). Those products may provide LEEDpoints.

Change is a new point of view for the design project. Change is a ceramic material featuring a delicate microstructure and light effects in continual motion to enhance modern architectural projects.

Metal as the interpretation of a contemporary architectural style, to give a strong and young touch to every environment.

The light effects which are created on the ceramic surface offer the most diverse design solutions. Change is porcelain stoneware with a touch of metallic preciousness.