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The Rio Collection is essential and ergonomic. The sinuous shape of its backrest and seat offers a comfortable rest.

This collection includes three elements: an armchair, a single bench and a double bench.
Support made of an angular profile of galvanized and painted carbon steel, but it is also possible to order only a galvanized version. The seat and the backrest are made by tropical wood strips. The finish coat of the tropical wood may have a different tonality depending on the basis of wood which is used.

The Rio Bench is anchored to the ground by metallic rawl plugs or by rods threaded in the lower part of it.

The Rio collection, on request, can be supplied with a FSC certification.

The Rio litter combines the elegance of shapes with noble materials, so it constitutes an ideal item for the most demanding urban environments. It is composed by a prismatic body with a circular inclined side. The body is made of galvanized and painted steel plate and in its upper parts it presents a cover with a lock of stainless steel which also incorporates an ashtray. Container of 45 liters of capacity.

The Rio litter bin is anchored to the ground by metallic rawl plugs. For more information, please look at the technical commercial data of the product.