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Twin Genius Naked
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Interior lightin...-Recessed ceiling lights >
Interior lightin...-Recessed ceiling lights >

Product description

The Genius design has been doubled: Twin Genius, a
totally recessed indoor luminaire for ceiling mounting,
now available in its “Naked” version, extending the
total surface integration concept to any material and
Fitted with two light emission holes measuring only
20 mm (0.79”), the luminaire disappears completely
when it is switched off, thanks to its total integration
with the surfaces on which it is installed: wood,
cement, mirror, marble and industrial modules
with a thickness from 5 mm (0.2”) to a maximum
of 20 mm (0.79”).
The electronics retain the performances of the Genius,
with the electrical part which can be removed through
the light hole, thanks to a push-pull mechanism
making it easy to pull the LED light source out and
replace it, so there is no need for any inspection
hatch, nor for invasive maintenance operations.

Product family


A bright product starting from its shape, discreet and elegant, able to perfectly integrate itself inside architectures achieving extraordinary complete disappearance effects. Genius guarantees a perfect lighting in every environment is may be installed in: totally disappearing recessed luminaire for indoor spaces, made of AirCoral® and installable on plasterboard or brick ceilings, is able to emit an incredible light intensity for just a 20 mm emission hole, so tiny that it disappears when the product is turned off.

With a simple hand gesture, the electric part can be extracted directly from the hole which allows the light to pour out. This is possible thanks to the push-pull mechanism, which makes the eventual extraction and replacement of the LED source easier in case of maintenance.