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Busch-Watchdog 280 MasterLINE
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The Busch-Watchdog not only looks good. It also impresses with its inner quality. High-quality, intelligent technology adds a new dimension to safety. And it gives one a feeling of safety, inside and out. The intelligent Busch-Jaeger movement detectors miss nothing. They respond instantly when needed. For example, they detect immediately when a light is to be switched on or off, and they are a reliable signpost in the dark. These high-quality detection systems guarantee uninterrupted surveillance in all areas. They ensure that your sleep is peaceful, chase away thieves and switch the light on and off when you are on holiday.

All loads can be connected to each movement detector; the maximum, however, is 3,680 W/VA. Like all Busch-Watchdog models, it is easy to operate with practical functions such as operating mode, twilight setting, switch-off delay and short-time pulse. Also the automatic range stabilisation remains constant during different weather conditions. The Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE impresses with automatic interference suppression and presence simulation - ideal during the holiday period. An added advantage is the dismantling protection.

Available in different colours.

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Presence detectors automatically detect whether someone is in the room. Their precision is clearly superior to conventional motion detectors. Lighting, but also heating and air conditioning systems can be controlled intelligently and effectively using presence detectors.