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Busch-Memory 2gang dimmer
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Product description

Ideal for dimming two independent lamps. A brief press of the button switches the respective lamp on and off, a long press of the button dims the lamp. Especially convenient: the practical memory function.

Up to now each dimmer needed its own flush-mounted box or had to be accommodated in the distributor case. This is now different: With the new Busch-Memory 2gang dimmer, two lamps can now be controlled from a single flush-mounted box. An existing series switch or rotary dimmer is simply exchanged for a new Busch-Memory 2gang dimmer.
This improvement takes only a few minutes – new wires are not required. Lighting effects can now be conjured up immediately for a more beautiful home – simple, elegant and continuously variable with a press of a button. The Busch-Memory 2gang dimmer remembers the brightness value switched to last and switches the lighting on again with the same value. An integrated glow lamp additionally ensures that one finds it even when it is dark.

The Busch-Memory 2gang dimmers are suited equally for the control of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps or low-voltage halogen lamps with Busch electronic transformers.

This product is available in different switch ranges.

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