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JSL Classic-H Floor Light
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Authentic, efficient lighting – JSL LED
Good lighting is just as important for a room's ambience as oxygen and humidity. Good lighting is LED – from JSL: Its light is authentic, rendering colours as naturally as possible. It is also healthy, as it does not strain the eyes unnecessarily, and is highly efficient: The LED from JSL barely generates any heat and uses up to 80% less energy compared to light bulbs. JSL LED lights have a lifespan of more than 60,000 hours.

JSL interconnectivity – When it grows dark...
Isolated, uncomfortable, alone: When darkness falls and individual floor lights illuminate occupied desks in an open-space office, separate islands of light are created, leading to a loss of team spirit, motivation and comfort.

...the lights connect.
This is the moment when several JSL floor lights begin to connect with each other intuitively and wirelessly.
They detect the people in the office and together transform the discrete, harsh islands of light into soft light

JSL floor lights – Controlled individually
Brighter, dimmer, more indirect, more focused: Using the JSL floor light's touch panel, the light can be customised to meet individual needs. With a mere touch, the JSL can smoothly transform an entire room's atmosphere.

Precise light distributor
The prism glass on the underside of the JSL distributes the LED's light evenly and precisely – similar to a cloud: no glare, no loss of light, no loss of energy through heat. Light can be directed very precisely using prism glass. The workplace is illuminated optimally and employees do not feel a glare.

Intelligent lights
The head of the JSL LED contains a lot of light – and intelligence. The JSL can be adjusted easily using Bluetooth technology.
JSL: One-of-a-kind efficiency and future-oriented.

Flexible connection
Ready for every type of office situation: The 230-volt electrical connection of the JSL can be placed on all four sides of the stable aluminium tube.
JSL: durable, flexible and always connected.

Multifaceted family
Between two desks, as a stand-alone in the room or in a corner of the office: JSL's variety of bases and light designs ensures the highest degree of flexibility.
The JSL family is complemented by the wall light – ideal for hallways – and the elegant suspension light, the perfect illumination for any meeting room.
The JSL family: growing constantly and always top quality.