Key facts


constructiv ottobox – mobile space on castors

Society is changing from an information society to a knowledge society. Communication serves as a basis, since only in useful networks with interpersonal exchange information can be turned into usable knowledge. It is necessary to improve not only the communicative quality of a space but also its flexibility of use. With the ottobox autonomous, independent room-in-room modules are created, which can be quickly rearranged at any time without imposing on the existing architecture. Thus conversion costs can be reduced to a minimum.


A company’s corporate design can be integrated into the ottobox and can be used for the colours, graphics and typography of the whole space. Zeitgeist becomes visible by using interesting materials for the floor, wall and ceiling. The ottobox’s high modularity is also suitable for temporary advertising campaigns (printing on glass, panels, banners, etc). Custom lighting, ventilation and acoustics solutions can be integrated quickly and easily.

The constructiv otto system as the basis of the ottobox has a unified visual appearance. The aluminium profile with an integrated connector made of precision-cast high-grade steel has a high flexural rigidity and small dimensions – few components, quick assembly and high mobility. The standard grid dimensions are for example: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 m or 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.4 m, however, other axial dimensions are available on request at any time.

The pared-down clarity of form and the use of high-quality materials guarantee durability, sustainability and preservation of resources.

Special features

Integrated acoustics solution: The use of micro-perforated materials within the profile in combination with hard-walled materials such as glass, wood, metal, etc reduces the reverberation period.

Panorama glass: With a span of up to 3.6 m a panorama glass front with toughened safety glass and coloured or structured glass panes is possible.

All-over floor solution: Carpet, linoleum or solid wood – large spans and connectors which are integrated into the profile make all-over floor solutions possible.

Bottom-guided sliding door: The ottobox on castors also offers a bottom-guided sliding door.


The ottoboxes have integrated shelves and there are various possibilities to fasten projection panels, beamers, monitors, whiteboards and lighting etc.

Fields of use

The ottoboxes create temporary architecture in lofts, industrial buildings or in public spaces such as museums, congress centres, banks, railway stations, airports and showrooms or structure open-plan offices, work or retreat, into spaces to meet.