Product description

Height: 176 cm, width: 122,5 cm, depth: 84 cm
Elément miroir
Panneau lumineux LED, 14,4W
4250 K
Etagère en métal avec miroir grossissant
"en cours de certification IP24"
Plan de toilette en pierre de synthèse
Profondeur de la vasque: 115 mm
Dimensions de la vasque 555x343 mm
Interrupteur tactile pour éclairage
meuble sous-vasque
1 tiroir comprenant un panier à linge
1 prise
porte serviette
Armoire à pharmacie
1 etagère fixe
1 tiroir avec fermeture automatique
4 Etagères
Eclairage latéral LED 16,8 W
4200 K

Product family


Find your solution.
Individual planning, an unrestricted choice of sanitaryware, infinitely variable dimensions, a wide range of finishes and an abundance of shapes – burgbad has a name that says it all: Sys30. The modular system combines the ceramic elements from various collections, a basic washbasin model that can be configured in an endless variety of sizes and cabinets in every conceivable shape and size with five different front designs, each of which has a totally different character. In short, Sys30 is nothing less than a universal tool for customized bathroom planning.
Anybody in search of a solution for a tricky corner, custom-made built-in furnishings or a bathroom that tucks in perfectly under the slope of the roof need look no further: Sys30 has the answer and can master even the most difficult of spaces.