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bulthaup b3
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Full-length tall unit doors
In order to give your kitchen and your living space a calmer appearance, you can now integrate tall units with ceiling-height, single-piece doors.
The striking technical feature of these doors is their innovative alignment fitting which allows the thin bulthaup b3 doors to be created in a single piece up to a height of 2.36 m. The result is a restful, functional wall of tall units without any unnecessary gaps behind which refrigerators, food or crockery can be neatly stowed away.

With their reserved appearance, these new, single-piece tall unit doors become natural, elegant elements in the room.

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A kitchen must be as versatile as its owner for them to truly enjoy it. bulthaup b3 creates the greatest possible diversity of options and, with its numerous design combinations, provides the freedom for the wishes, ideas and needs of the owner to take flight.
bulthaup b3 offers almost unlimited design freedom. The reason for this is the multi-functional wall that gives the room rhythm and balance. The elements of this system can be installed wall-hanging, floor-standing or foot-supported, depending on how much storage space is needed. With bulthaup b3, the area between the wall and base units can be used to create even more storage space, with functional boxes accommodating kitchen utensils or spices.
bulthaup b3 boasts a range of different materials and functions. The kitchen space therefore becomes the living space, which can be fluidly continued into other areas as required, such as the living room.