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Louise chair
Louise chair
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Available in 9 different colours of Kvadrat fabrics.


According to Dirk Busschop, producing Jules Wabbes’s creations meets BULO's requirements in terms of design, quality and service. Jules Wabbes, whose talent was lost to the world in 1974, is an example to the latest generations of designers. By bringing out his furniture, we are paying homage to the modernity of a talented designer.

For her part, Marie Wabbes is delighted that Jules Wabbes’ designs are once again available all over the world. At BULO, I have found the same concern for quality which drove my husband. I know that his designs will be produced with the greatest respect for his work.

About Jules Wabbes (1919-1974):
Born on 18th March 1919 in Saint Gilles, Jules Wabbes without doubt stood for Belgian design in the 1960s and 70s. Initially an antiques dealer and decorator, in the 1950s he designed the interiors for Sabena airline's DC 6C and DC 7B aircraft. There followed a series of interior design lay-outs, including the International Science Hall at the Brussels Universal Exhibition, the Belgian royal couple's apartment on board the Godetia and the offices of the banks Crédit Communal and Générale de Banque. A lover of fine materials, he also designed his own ranges of furniture and established Le Mobilier Universel, a production and distribution company. His tables, desks and bookcases, made from glued blocks of end-grain exotic woods, or bois de bout, very quickly became his trademark. His lighting and accessories also demonstrated his mastery of metal working. These were the basis for the international reputation enjoyed by his designs, designs of simple form and timeless elegance.