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Table with expansionlegs
Tables with expansionlegs
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Tables with expansionlegs of chromium-plated steel.

Tableheights 52, 63 or 70 cm. Other tableheights on request.
Tables in other sizes, formations and kinds of wood on request.

The patented method of connecting expansionlegs simplifies the combination of table-leaves into different sizes and formations of tables.

Kinds of wood:
Curly birch
White lacquer
White laminate

Mi 109 Round diam 90 cm
Mi 110 Round diam 100 cm
Mi 111 Round diam 110 cm
Mi 112 Round diam 120 cm
Mi 113 Round diam 130 cm
Mi 114 Round diam 140 cm
Mi 115 Round diam 150 cm
Mi 116 Round diam 160 cm
Mi 117 Round diam 170 cm
Mi 118 Round diam 180 cm

Mi 161 Oval 120x80 cm
Mi 162 Oval 140x70 cm
Mi 163 Oval 150x90 cm
Mi 168 Oval 170x100 cm
Mi 164 Oval 180x90 cm
Mi 169 Oval 180x100 cm
Mi 170 Oval 180x110 cm
Mi 165 Oval 200x100 cm
Mi 166 Oval 220x110 cm
Mi 167 Oval 240x120 cm

Mi 191 Oval 300x130 cm, 2-parts
Mi 194 Rectangular 140x130 cm, additional leaf
Mi 192 Oval 330x130 cm, 2-parts
Mi 194 rectangular 140x130 cm, additional leaf
Mi 193 Oval 360x160 cm, 2-parts
Mi 196 Rectangular 140x160 cm, additional leaf
Mi 197 Oval 420x140 cm, 2-parts
Mi 198 Square 140x140, additional leaf

Mi 130 Square 90x 90 cm
Mi 140 Square 100x100 cm
Mi 132 Square 110x110 cm
Mi 135 Square 120x120 cm
Mi 134 Square 130x130 cm
Mi 133 Square 140x140 cm
Mi 136 Square 150x150 cm
Mi 137 Square 160x160 cm
Mi 138 Square 170x170 cm
Mi 139 Square 180x180 cm

Mi 142 Rectangular 140x 70 cm
Mi 143 Rectangular 150x 75 cm
Mi 144 Rectangular 180x 90 cm
Mi 146 Rectangular 200x100 cm
Mi 148 Rectangular 220x110 cm
Mi 149 Rectangular 240x120 cm

2-parts tables with extension slides.

With 2 pcs. additional leafs at 50 cm

Mi 168-50 Oval 170x100 cm
Mi 169-50 Oval 180x100 cm
Mi 170-50 Oval 180x110 cm
Mi 165-50 Oval 200x100 cm (supporting legs)

Mi 144-50 Rectangular 180x90 cm
Mi 146-50 Rectangular 200x100 cm (supporting legs)

With 1 pc. additional leaf with optional length between 50-70 cm

Mi 168-70 Oval 170x100 cm
Mi 169-70 Oval 180x100 cm
Mi 170-70 Oval 180x110 cm
Mi 165-70 Oval 200x100 (supporting legs)

Mi 144-70 Rectangular 180x90 cm
Mi 146-70 Rectangular 200x100 cm (supporting legs)

With 1 pc. Additional leaf with optional length between 71-100 cm

Mi 168-71 Oval 170x100 cm
Mi 169-71 Oval 180x100 cm
Mi 170-71 Oval 180x110 cm
Mi 165-71 Oval 200x100 cm (supporting legs)

Mi 144-71 Rectangular 180x90 cm
Mi 146-71 Rectangular 200x100 cm (supporting legs)