Product description

You can tell a good idea by the way it continually creates new options – like the crona light. Its shape and expressiveness make it an unmistakable member of the crona family. The matt plastic shells are visually designed to match the existing upholstered models and can be used with a variety of base frames. Together with the optional cushions, the new shells are available in a broad
array of colours with the right shade for every interior. But it’s not only the options it offers for optical variation that make crona light an ideally practical, comfortable eye-catcher for the hospitality and care sectors – it is also amazingly functional. crona light is easy to clean and its
design and finishing effectively protect it from dirt and germs. The only thing that spreads will be the enthusiasm people have for this versatile chair.

Product family



» Young programme of comfortable upholstered furniture to easily conquer each room
» Large, vibrant variety of models and materials
» Huge latitude for design thanks to the mix of colours and materials