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Maximum variety – put in a nutshell in terms of design: the chess living elements, based on a minimalist basic form, are coordinated with one another so skilfully that they appear completely harmonious in every kind of arrangement. They can be combined to form extremely variable, comfortable space solutions, as you wish – and can be quickly shifted at any time.
The range of possibilities extends from generous, individually designed lounge areas, consisting of chair and sofa elements, stools, divans, couchs and chaise longues, to purist sofa groups.
The character of chess is highlighted by a floating body that is near to the ground and the separation of the seating base and back rest made visible by the seams. The base and the back are fitted with separate, in some cases also washable, covers and are removable. Frame: invisible gliders or flat wooden feet in walnut, oak or beech, optionally painted black or white.

Scope: generous sofa solutions consisting of an openend, a chair element of 85 cm and a recamier, or – as above – of a recamier, two chair elements of 68/85 cm and a corner element. With finely structured, hard-wearing textile covers and soft or firm and wedge-shaped cushions in contrasting or matching colours.

Compact, versatile solution providing a lot of space, consisting of a recamiere and an annexe-sofa in bold structured material, completed by solid walnut legs or – as above – with wooden legs painted black.

An open corner suite easily transforms into any number of customised seating arrangements or provides a generously-sized sleeping surface. Proof of chess’ outstanding versatility is achieved by simply varying the individual modules or adding a container.

Covered in Oliva leather, a particularly sustainable and premium quality natural product. Feet: Black-painted wood or chromed metal.

A game of chess: Striking arrangements in contrasting black and white clearly make no secret of chess‘ modular design. An open invitation to experiment with the individual units. The wooden feet have been painted in respectively matching colours; the wedge-shaped cushions blend in perfectly and emphasise the distinctive, geometrical look.

Lounge sofa with extra depth cooperates with annexe-sofa to the left to form a generous resting area or an inviting, half-open living space. With wooden feet or hidden gliders.

Creative, playful arrangements in blue, consisting of a divan and two armchair elements, with or without a container bet-ween them. The divan is also perfect as a beautifully designed accent piece. The elegant ottoman with a black cotton cover is offset by piped seams in dark blue leather. The container is made from plywood or recycled materials – either way, always charmingly unique.

Extremely appealing, generously-sized corner suite in a soft, dark brown structured fabric, with matching wedge-shaped cushions as well as ordinary cushions with light grey piping. Subtle understatement and amazing adaptability. Or as a cuboid, distinctive two or four-seater.

two elements
chess inspires: Versatile arrangements consisting of two seating elements each; a light seating area broken up by a container; a two-seater or ...
... Black, white, red, green: Playing with colours and various cushions for additional emphasis. Rest and seat may also be covered in different colours. Anything goes.

Wide range of options for libertarians: chess as an elegant three-seater with piped seams in white, or completely in black or dark brown. Each sofa consists of armchair elements and corner units. Black-painted wood, chromed metal or, especially warm and elegant, oak feet. Container also oak.

A formally reduced, sophisticated design and precisely calculated dimensions ensure that all the chess elements can be optimally combined with one another.
Modules such as the stool, the openends and the corner elements are ideal for increasing the sitting and reclining surfaces or altering the overall appearance of a formation.
Annexe-sofas with extra depth or extra width can be joined together to form wonderfully relaxing, unconventional living spaces. The chaise longue, recamiere, divan and couch are also suitable as impressive individual items.
Further individual trans-formation options are provided through positioning of backrests on the left or right side of the seating basis, a firm, wedge-shaped cushion or soft additional cushions of 33 x 33 cm, 66 x 33 cm or 66 x 42 cm, and feet in various kinds of wood and lacquering, or invisible gliders.
Fabric-covered versions are also available with a piped leather seam in a choice of colours: Contrasting, as shown on the left, or matching.