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MDF design | Room Acoustics Solutions Noise-Virus-Catcher®
MDF design
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Product description


Design element | Movable room divider | Sound absorption class aw 0.75 | Air cleaning H14

A Swiss invention makes open-plan offices safe
Acoustics, design and hygiene ideally combined in a mobile room divider: The «Noise-Virus-Catcher» by Bruag cleans the air in open-plan offices continuously and filters out viruses, germs and pollen. Moreover, the modern, flexible partition wall ensures perfect room acoustics and adds beauty.
Be as safe as you are at home in an open-plan office – especially in these virus and pollen-plagued times – and what’s more benefit from the various advantages of teamwork: That’s what both employers and employees currently want. Thanks to the multifunctional room divider «Noise-Virus-Catcher» by Bruag, open-plan offices will be germ and virus-free. What’s more, the decorative partition wall ensures perfect acoustics and adds beauty. A healthy indoor climate, comfortable noise levels and a beautiful ambience create optimum conditions for top performance and safety in the workplace.

he «Noise-Virus-Catcher» convinces with its gentle beauty as well as its multifunctional nature. Because acoustics, design and hygiene are combined in this 140-mm-thick, flexible room divider. The free-standing and mobile partition wall has two metal feet and perforated wooden elements on both sides. Easily accessible, but hardly visible, it is equipped with two clinical filters that meet the highest medical requirements. These filters remove all kinds of viruses and allow pollen allergy sufferers to breathe a sigh of relief. The blind built-in fan circulates the air drawn in from both sides and lets it back into the room without germs, viruses or pollen. The multifunctional, perforated room divider is additionally insulated for sound absorption and is made from natural wood with white coating. Its standard size is 1.90 by 1.90 metres. However, other dimensions and colours are available on request.

Material: 95% wood-based
Size: 1900 x 1900 x 140 mm
Element weight: < 100 kg
Design: Perforation 50101 with 56% open area
Finish: RAL 9010 with black felt
Other formats, designs and colors on request!

Filter size: 2 x (610 x 610 x 66 mm)
Filter class: H14 EN 1822 (each filter individually certified)
Filter performance: MPPS 99.995% | Aerosol > 0.20 my
(as used in hospital operating rooms)
Ventilation: 180 m3/h
100:1 Recovery time: 23.9 Minutes (Theoretically the best
possible recovery time with clean air would be 23.4 minutes)
Potentiometer allows stepless, individual regulation
Input airspeed: 0.46 m/s
Output airspeed: 7.00 m/s
Quiet even at maximum performance
Element can be ordered rotated by 180 degrees
(so that the filters are on top) or can be converted accordingly afterwards


MDF design: the Versatilee.A medium-densityfibreboard that offers more than its sterile name would allow one to imagine. In the interior, it can be used for banisters, partition, wall claddings, acoustics, room dividers and much more. Always included: unconditional individuality. We serially offer you panels with strengths 10, 19 and 30 mm. apart from that, your phantasy will not be obstructed.