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BrickBox Oak
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Made of laminated birch plywood (marine board) finished in oak with planed natural edges for a top quality finish.

Outer measurements (cm): 54 long x 27 deep x 36 high.
Outer measurements (inch): 21.25 long x 10.62 deep x 14.17 high.
Board 1,2 cm / 0.47 inch thick.
Weight: 4.8 kg.
Strength: up to 80 kg in weight.
Maximum recommended height: up to 6 BrickBox modules. 216 cm / 85 inch
Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Compatible accessories: large door, large shelf, large wall hook, legs and wheels.

Each module is supplied in individual packaging ready to set up in 3 min. All the assembly parts are included in the package.

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Oak BrickBox Modules are made of the same birch plywood as the white ones.

The birch is a fast-growing tree with very efficient repopulation of its forests. This does not occur with oak, a tree that takes a long time to grow. That is why we decided to scan a selected oak board to reproduce this by printing it on the birch board. This modern technique, already used in wooden flooring, means we can dress up the efficiency of birch in the noble look of oak. To protect this finish we have used the strongest protective matt varnish, with a nice feel.

Due to its kind of sedentary character, the BrickBox Oak are designed without handles. Even so, they are perfectly transportable.

That means ecofriendly innovation!