Key facts


In 1963, the Lulu Cradle was designed by prominent Danish designer Nanna Ditzel, and became a highly collectable example of modern Danish craftsmanship, to be lovingly handed down from one generation to the next.

As part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Brdr. Krüger in 2011, the Lulu Cradle was adapted to modern safety regulations and reproduced in a limited numbered edition of 200 pieces, in close cooperation with Nanna's first daughter, Dennie.

All of Ditzel's grandchildren slept in a Lulu Cradle, passing one cradle back and forth between family members over the years. When each Ditzel baby was born, a small label was affixed to the bottom with their name and date of birth, to register the baby’s brief occupancy in the family heirloom.
Nanna Ditzel's signature is laser-etched into the cradle’s beech wood frame.

Each cradle holds a mattress made of 100% organic kapok, a naturally hypo-allergenic, water-resistant material harvested from the seeds of the Ceiba tree – perfect for keeping resting babies comfortable and dry.

The Lulu Cradle meets all modern safety requirements, as approved by the Danish Technological Institute.

Available in lacquered Beech wood -and can by request be produced in other wood sorts i.e. Oak or Walnut.

Like every Brdr. Krüger product; Lulu is proudly Made in Denmark.

Height: 83cm. Length: 97cm. Width: 57cm