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CORNELIA, an intense and persistant bet on Bover characteristic Big Formats.

It is an exuberant light following Scandinavian design guidelines resulting in a luminaire full of light nuances and a strong artistic expression.

Cornelia is far from those conventional designs which offer classic chandeliers and shows a more contemporaneous and even industrial look. Regardless of the place Cornelia is installed, it gets a remarkable appearance thanks to its adjustable arms and the possibility of bending its shades as desired. Cornelia’s format enables us to create an almost à la carte Custom Product.

Cornelia consists of 36 joints made out of brass which function is permitting different final positions of the arms. The shades are customizable and they all have an inner white and independent diffuser, not showing the common radius which are usually visible on the shades.
Another interesting feature of the diffuser is its mobility, easy maintenance and light source replacement.

The central shaft of Cornelia may be modified on project specification, depending on the height and installation conditions.

Finishing/ Structure

Nuts: made in chrome or polished brass Arms and central rod: black, white and red

Finishing/ Structure
White / Polished Brass
Black / Polished Brass
Black / Chrome

Natural cotton, black cotton
White cotton-orange (inside) /black cotton-orange (inside) Red,white or cream ribbon.

Measures: 230 x 140 cm H. standard position
Number of shades: 12
Light source: 12 x 14 W / 12 x 46 W E-27 ECO CLASSIC