Original design from 1968, circle in square and square in circle

The Ming design is prescribed minimalistic way constructivistisch by a within and outside description of a circle in square and square in a circle. This way the form of the housing lets arise to the round source of light.

The three dimensional light plates show this main point in the interior by there violent slightly. Here one sees the brightest light
Rear and front: The round light source let see the shape of the enclosure
A classic design but now using contemporary energy-efficient technology. Instead of using a two position switch you can linear dim by using a pulse dimmer

Aldo van den Nieuwelaar (1944 – 2010) is being honoured. He was the master off the geometric minimalism. That’s the reason why the Ming is in production again. But at this moment with the modern technique.
The light source itself has a lifetime about 16.000 burning hours and is being delivered in the warm colour 827 (2700 Kelvin)
Available colours: High glossy black + High glossy white