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Bolefloor is the world’s first manufactured, naturally curved, hardwood flooring that follows a tree’s natural growth. A small ecological footprint and a natural look are achieved by processing every board individually with unique, softwareguided, advanced woodworking machinery. Bolefloor’s optimization technology means conservation of natural resources. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing, but Bolefloor’s innovations allow for more floors per forest. Bolefloor comes in numerous wood species and various quality grades. Combining this with a myriad of finishing techniques and your ideas will make your floor even more unique. Solid flooring is the soul of Bolefloor, but some conditions require an engineered solution. Bolefloor’s engineered product can be used over hydronic floor heating systems.

Bolefloor is manufactured with 2 mm (0.079”) bevels on the long edges and 1 mm (0.04”) on the short edges for natural looks. Upon request bevels can be ordered in 0 mm, 1 mm (0.04”) and 2 mm (0.079”). Flooring ordered without bevels will be delivered as unfinished and has to be sanded at the jobsite prior to finishing.

Exclusive flooring demands for exclusive finishing. Our finishing process and materials allow us to develop a wide range of colors and effects - from the subtlest of tints to the most colorful of flairs. Inspired by the nature and rivers all around the globe we have selected some possible finishes to get your imagination going. Please refer to our catalog and webpage for finishing inspiration or contact our sales team for more information.

Overall thickness: 20 mm (0.79”)
Length: 500-2950 mm (20”-10’)
Width: ca. 100-350 mm (4”-14”)
Overall weight up to: 13.8 kg/m2

Core layer: Baltic birch plywood
Overall thickness: 17 mm (0.67”)
Length: 500-2950 mm (20”-10’)
Width: ca. 100-450 mm (4”-17.7”)
Wear layer thickness: 5 mm (0.19”)
Core layer thickness: 12 mm (0.47”)
Overall weight up to: 11.8 kg/m2

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It wasn’t nature that created straight lines. It was the limitations of technology. Our patented LiveEdge process manages and tracks each board from its raw-lumber stage through final installation. Our technology allows us to preserve the natural curves of the wood, thus minimizing waste and giving unique look to every floor, deck and table.