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Herringbone Parquet Natural Oil | Visby, Oak
Herringbone Parquet Natural Oil
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Wood species: Oak, Surface treatment: Natural Oil, Color: Grey, Grading: Rustic, Pattern: Herringbone Pattern, Length: 345 mm, Width: 69 mm, Height: 14,6 mm, Thickness of ware layer: , Installation: Floating, Joint system: 5G/2G, Core: HDF, Floor heating: Yes, Warranty: 20 years

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It has never been easier to install a herringbone parquet, or been any faster. Bjelin’s patented mechanical lock- ing of the edges of the parquet strip makes the installation quick and easy.
It is now possible to click together a herringbone parquet floor without having to use nails, glue or have to sand or lacquer it.

Herringbone parquet with a short project time
The easy installation of Bjelin’s herringbone parquet allows the total project time it takes to install a ready-made herringbone parquet floor to be reduced to a minimum. Under favourable conditions, a herringbone parquet can be installed in less than a day. Installed and ready for you to move in!
With a short project time, you also reduce the disturbances and delays that may occur in related construction projects.

Herringbone parquet as click flooring
When a traditional herringbone parquet is installed it is glued or nailed into the underlying surface and then sanded 2-3 times before it can be surface treated. This process is complicated and demands great craftmanship. Thereby the cost of installing the floor is usually a substatial amont of the budget. With the innovative herring- bone parquet from Bjelin, this cost is reduced to a minimum. By eliminating many of the labour-intensive steps such as gluing, nailing, grinding or surface treatment, the labouring cost can be kept down and result in a reaso- nable total cost for a herringbone parquet.