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Cured Wood Matt Lacquer | Lyby, Oak
Cured Wood Matt Lacquer
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Wood species: Oak, Surface treatment: Matt Lacquer, Color: White, Grading: Rustic, Pattern: 1-strip, Length: 2379 mm, Width: 276 mm, Height: 11 mm, Thickness of ware layer: 0,6 mm, Installation: Floating, Joint system: 5G®, Core: HDF, Floor heating: Yes, Warranty: 20 years

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Bjelin’s wide planks are made with a patented technology to cure wood and make it stronger. An innovative wooden floor with a genuine wooden feel that is many times stronger than a traditional wooden floor and that utilizes renewable raw materials optimally. The floors are manufactured in Bjelin’s state-of-the-art production units in Viken, Skåne.

Uncompromising wooden feel
Only the rustic parts of the oak have been selected. The natural liveliness has been enhanced by brushing the oak, bringing out it’s texture and natural pattern. Finally, the floor has been given a matt lacquered surface
to give a good and easy-to-maintain protection layer against dirt and stains without losing the warm wooden feeling.

Quick and easy installation
The 5G® locking system makes it more efficient than ever to click together a floor. Do it yourself or minimize project time when hiring a professional. Installed freely, floating on top of the subfloor without being nailed or glued down.