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BetteRoom Support plate
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Product description

A space miracle
Our support plates with real wood veneer offer our mounted and fitted washbasins the appropriate setting. The natural surface in various wood styles rounds off the strong material features of the steel/enamel washbasins.
Three alternatives are available for installation: invisible with a T-support, with a visible, chromium- plated L-support or – particularly stylish – with an O-support which serves at the same time as a towel rail. Our illuminated mirrors show the washing area in the optimum light.
Support plates and illuminated mirror are available in the dimensions you want up to a length of 260 cm. Because the cupboard system is modular, it is possible to adapt it to exactly meet the requirements and circumstances of every bathroom.

In the UK furniture modules are only available through displaying outlets.

Customised support plate max. 260 x 8 x 55 cm

Product family


An elegant combination

The modular furniture programme gives you the opportunity to combine functionality with design, exactly in accordance with your own ideas. Everything to match the BETTEWASH BASINS. Enjoy the freedom.

BETTEROOM provides adequate storage space where and how you need it. In a sturdy drawer module, a spacious fitted cupboard or an elegant tall cupboard, your belongings are safely stored and always at hand.
The well-conceived feature details create additional order. The white high-gloss fronts fit perfectly into your individualised bathroom design. A particular detail is that the carcase and fronts are mitred, to give a particularly elegant look.