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BetteLux Shape stool
BetteLux Shape
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Product description

Stool (which can also be used as a side table)

Wood surfaces: Créme oak, mocca oak, natural oak

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BETTELUX was and remains the first bath made of steel/enamel with a soft, flowing inside and the extra-flat bath rim. This steel/enamel interior used to disappear in various installation scenarios. The BETTELUX Shape is a new variant in which the bath is placed into an open steel frame accentuated by a colour, with the shape of the interior remaining visible from all sides. The product is enamelled on both the outside and inside. Bette has turned this idea into a complete design line: This includes steel/enamel washbasins in an open steel frame, along with complimentary furniture and accessories. The design is by Tesseraux & Partner of Potsdam.

The washbasin and useful accessories also embrace the steel frame idea, allowing a coherent and uniform bathroom design. Besides a framed bath and washbasin, this bathroom design also includes a standing mirror, a stool (which can also be used as a side table) and a wall-mounted towel holder to which various shelves can be added.

Frame colours: White, black, taupe, sky, rosé, mint

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