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BetteLux Oval Bath IV & V Silhouette
BetteLux Oval
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Product description

BETTELUX is of a unique, flowing shape. Ist gentle lines are seen to particular effect in the oval version with the integral steel/enamel apron. Skilled craftsmanship seamlessly unites the interior and exterior of the bath, and the result is then rounded off in one piece with enamel. We have added two new version for wall and corner installation to this pleasant, gently rounded bath series.

Dimensions (l x w x d / lying dimension):
175 × 80 × 45 cm / 1270 mm
185 × 85 × 45 cm / 1340 mm
195 × 95 × 45 cm / 1420 mm

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BETTELUX is the first bath made of steel/enamel with the soft, flowing interior and the extra-flat bath rim. Following on from the rectangular-format bath, Bette has now also incorporated this special interior into a basic oval shape. It is available as a built-in bath with a flat, folded bath rim of only eight mm, as a semi-recessed bath (Highline) with an apron measuring 28 cm in height and as a free-standing variant (Silhouette). This steel/enamel bath is expertly welded to create a jointless monolith which is, enamelled in one piece – partly through high-tech production processes and partly by master craftsmen - all exclusively in Delbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia. The design of the oval bath models is the work of the Potsdam design studio Tesseraux & Partner.