Key facts

Product description

l x w x d / lying dimension
180 x 75 x 45 cm / 1355 mm

Volume: 210 Liter

Product family


The rounded outer contour gives BETTEHOME formal elegance. The comfortable inside invites you to share a bath and is also ideal as a bath and shower combination. The support of the ergonomically shaped lying and seated areas allows you to experience the feel good factor in comfort; also available with a teak seat as a special extra. Optional aluminium panelling effectively shows off the curved bath shape in the best possible light.

Classic. Oval.
The basis of this spacious bath is a classic shape: the oval. Perfect bathing as in a pool, with a comfortable interior, whose ergonomic profile also invites one to share this bathing experience with somebody.

Spacious oval
BETTEHOME OVAL SILHOUETTE impresses by its soft, elegant contours. Its gently curving form makes the BETTEHOME OVAL SILHOUETTE the centrepiece of your bathroom.