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The BetteFloor Corner flush-to-floor shower area with the pore-free surface provides uncompromising hygiene in the bathroom. The space-saving round design of the exterior and low installation height make it the preferred solution for small bathrooms, old buildings and renovations. The flush-to-floor shower area is available in numerous bathroom colours and 22 exclusive matt hues.

l x w x d / item number
80 x 100 x cm / 6731
90 x 90 x cm / 5421
100 x 80 x cm / 6751
100 x 100 x cm / 5451

drain: Ø 90

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The absence of a trip hazard not only makes showering more comfortable and convenient for people of all ages but also offers a further advantage by creating a particularly spacious feeling. Experience the new dimension of flush-to-floor showering! The elegant steel/enamel BETTEFLOOR shower area nestles down flush to any floor without lips and with an invisible slope towards the drainage outlet.

A space miracle. BETTEFLOOR CARO and BETTEFLOOR CORNER combine many advantages: an impression of spaciousness created by a flush-to-floor shower area, a hygienic surface made of premium-quality steel/enamel, space-saving design with a slanted corner and contemporary straight lines. Small bathrooms appear more spacious, modern linear patterns remain clear.
Available in the 22 matt shades of the colour world BETTEFLOOR and in more than 1,000 other sanitaryware colours.

With BETTEFLOOR CORNER, the trend towards flush-to-floor shower areas enters the next stage. The hygienic and structural advantages are winning over more and more astute customers. The large range of colours and the specially adapted installation system allow the BETTEFLOOR CORNER to be integrated perfectly in almost any bathroom.

BETTEFLOOR SIDE is another user-friendly addition to successful BETTEFLOOR. With the outlet on the side, it now offers an even bigger, continuous standing area. This results in additional design options for flush-to-floor shower areas in elegant steel/enamel.
The joint-free, glass-like steel/enamel surface of BETTEFLOOR SIDE offers no support for dirt, germs or bacteria. While the joints in tiled shower areas become unsightly and start to crack, BETTEFLOOR SIDE stays what it is: a timelessly elegant, clean, safe solution.
From an installation height of 65 mm, BETTEFLOOR SIDE can be fitted quickly and safely with the proven BETTEINSTALLATION SYSTEM FLUSH-TO-FLOOR – for uncompromising quality and maximum comfort. The outflow is accessible from above – for permanently easy cleaning.
BETTEFLOOR SIDE is available in 12 sizes and, in addition to the 22 matt shades in the BETTEFLOOR colour world, in over 1000 other sanitary ware colours – for individual, harmonious bathroom designs.

BETTEFLOOR SIDE, with the brilliant BETTEGLAZE® surface, is the most attractive form of hygiene in the bathroom. Bette have now taken this claim one logical step further by also replacing the join at the wall with hygienic and easy-to-maintain enamelled steel – in the form of the BETTEUPSTAND.
During installation, this 35 mm-high upturn of the shower area’s edge is simply tiled over in the upper part, thereby replacing the need for a silicone seal.

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A new, highly considered colour collection marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of bathroom specialists BETTE's game-changing BetteFloor shower-area.