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Product description

Construction: 5/32 "Gauge looppile, tufted

Pile fibre composition: 100% WONZ, triple yarn, hank dyed

Mass of pile g/m²: 1300

Total mass g/m²: 2415

Total thickness in mm: 8.00

Total height: 10.00

Number of tufts / m²: 97212

backing: Action Bac / Dos textile

Width: 400 - 500​


Colour has a huge impact on a room's atmosphere. We therefore offer you a wide variety of colours. Not only have we selected more than 40 patterns, but also 35 different colours. Consequently, the number of combinations is endless and range from simple to complex. If you wish, we can offer you even more possibilities. Enabling you to create your own carpets and rugs. Our minimum production quantity is 100m2, which allows you complete freedom of choice. Best Wool gives free rein to your imagination.

At Best Wool our aim is to inspire and stimulate you. We believe that the right carpet can reinforce and enhance that atmosphere of a room. We want to encourage you to be innovative and to discover new possibilities. Together we can create a beautiful, practical and tailor-made solution, precisely as you intended and in accordance with your client's wishes.

Our range offers an infinite number of possibilities. We would be more than happy to turn any specific wishes you have into a reality. Allow yourself to be inspired, to reflect on the possibilities, to talk to us or our local partner and please feel free to ask questions. Let us get to work!