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Torii is a simple yet subtly sophisticated wood chair, defined by its closely spaced back legs, broad seat, and small arched backrest.  Its minimal appearance and simple construction hide a surprising amount of comfort and sturdiness, making it suitable for residential and commercial use. Torri is the Japanese name for the characteristic wood entrance arches to Shinto shrines in Japan, and translates directly into English as “bird perch”. This motif perfectly describes the chairs distinct proportions and traditional joinery, and the sense of harmony and calm inherent in design that is beautifully resolved.

Technical Description

Torii is constructed using traditional exposed mortise-and-tenon joinery for the legs which is sufficiently strong and expresses the honest intent of the chair. The rails of the chairs understructure are connected using concealed wood dowels, and the seat is secured with guiding dowels and screws. The arched back rest is cleverly joined to each back leg with two long steel dowels and epoxy glue. This ensures this critical joint will not fail or crack, while allowing to keep the material thin and light. Torii has been test certified to BIFMA standards and is suitable for contract use.

Available in Black stained Oak, White Oak, and Walnut with leather or fabric upholstered seats. Black stained Oak version also available with a plywood seat.