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RO | Storage wall
RO | Storage wall
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R0 Wall Cupboard.
To be used against structural walls. Spacious storage element.
Available full height from floor to ceiling or in 2110 mm height.
Can be perfectly organised by means of diverse interior fittings and can be adjusted to any room situation.
The universal concept of materials and colours characteristic of all Bene products makes the cabinet an essential design element of offices.

RO Dividing Cupboard.
Used to structure and create rooms.
Space-saving storage room.
Integrated into the office wall R2. To be used on both sides.
A storage room system structuring transparent rooms with clerestory glazing and glass finns wall abutments.
R2 clerestory glazing and R2 elements can be attached to the storage wall, either to the front or th the rear wall, or centrally.