Product description

Powerfull brightness and LED: it’s possible! Smoon Rain is the realization of an eco-design floor lamp: powerfully shining thanks to its 456 LED, it presents the advantage to consume little. Its original shape combined with noble materials (Oak and steel) confers a strong appropriate identity convenient to the contemporary interior decoration. In Lobbys with contemporary design, room or head office, Smoon Rain finds its place to add a sophisticated touch to illuminate indoors. This floor lamp with wire, turn on thanks to a switch / variator with remote control which also makes the light up and down according to the needs.

Dimensions: 130 x 220 cm
Diffusing Plexiglass, Painted steel, Oak
Lighting system: 456 LED (3500 ° K) for a powerfull brightness of 2000 Lumens, lifetime 80 000 hours (about 10 years)
Alimentation: 24 V
Guarantee: 1 year
Made in France

Product family


Beau & Bien created smoon collection in order to allow everyone getting it´s own small moon at home. With a wire or wireless, smoon is a high technology product, combining high powered LED as the lighting source, a polyethylene sphere (material used in spaceship because of it´s resistance capacities to high or low temperature and high pressure) and a sensitive switch to switch on and off.
Thanks to it´s silicone coat smoon collection is soft to touch and pleasing to the´s sensuality will give you the feeling to have more than a simple lamp...