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A solid architectural piece in grey or black. Incorporated with regulatory glides.

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Konstantin Grcic opens the Extrusions collection which he has designed for Bd Barcelona design with this table, baptised as Table B. Its name is as simple and technical as the design itself. Grcic has been inspired by classic Bd pieces, such as the Hypóstila shelf unit (in production since 1979), in developing a tabletop of extruded aluminium with a minimal profile and for lengths of up to 360 cm. It is offered in various finishes and with three models of legs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Its apparent simplicity hides a complex technical development in which senior engineers have been involved. In counterpoint, the production also includes several manual processes. The result is a highly crafted piece with all the character of the German designer.

Now the family grows with the Big Table B, same concept, same design, but with a wider top, 150 cm.


Tabletop in extruded aluminium with scotch anodised polish in silver or matt black. The upper surface can be finished with natural oak sheet and water-based varnish. Optional trim for the tabletop ends in aluminium and with the same finish as the tabletop. There are three types of legs: in polymer resin, stainless steel rod and natural oak with water-based varnish.

120 x 180 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 240 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 300 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 360 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 400 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 500 x h. 73,5 cm.

150 x 300 x h. 73,5 cm (12 seats)
150 x 360 x h. 73,5 cm (14 seats)
150 x 400 x h. 73,5 cm (16 seats)
150 x 500 x h. 73,5 cm (18 seats)


BD has launched the new Bench B, designed by Konstantin Grcic under the Extrusions Collection. Konstantin himself explains the new product:
“We started working on the bench as a family of elements from very short, like a one-seater side chair, to a long bench of up to 6 meters. It can be for indoor or outdoor, it can have arms or not, it can be upholstered or left pure aluminium. I think we have created a kit of parts which can be turned to very different typologies or uses of this bench. What is interesting in this bench is that it makes reference to a very famous piece of furniture: The Barcelona Chair designed by Mies van der Rohe. I think it is interesting to make this reference in design. Design is not about inventing new things all the time, design is an evolution of things.”

Slats in anodized extruded aluminum pure or upholstered with BD fabrics or leather
Legs in cast aluminum

Models and sizes (cm):
1 seat bench: 75x69xh77
2 seats bench: 120x69xh77
3 seats bench: 180x69xh77
4 seats bench: 240x69xh77
6 seats bench: 360x69xh77
8 seats bench: 480x69xh77


It’s elegant, solid and utilitarian. Designed by Konstantin Gricic as a complimentary match for Bench B - part of the Extrusions Collection. More than being just a Side Table B, it’s got a life of its own. It is made of just one piece of architectural concrete, the same material as the one leg unit for Table B, which has its own personality much like a small sculpture.


To complement the Extrusions collection, Konstantin Grcic has now designed the B chair, a wooden chair with pieces of aluminium in its structure. The legs are X-shaped and the seat folds, which allows for horizontal stacking and pays tribute to the name of the collection. A detail of genius. The decorative touch is concealed beneath the seat, which is offered in a varied and attractive range of colors.

Sides and back in solid natural ash, varnished. Seat in varnished ash plywood, with the underside laminated in colours or aluminium. There is a version upholstered in leather. Structure and cast parts in aluminium painted in the same colour as the laminated seat.