Product family


The four chandeliers (with 6, 9, 12, and 18 lights) that the family is composed of are characterized by a lavish central body with soft-shape elements that are wrought using different techniques. It is surrounded by slender arms upon which the white diffusers rest: each contains six L.E.D.s of only 6.2 total watts, but they are capable of producing a brightness which is the equivalent of a traditional 40-watt light bulb. The spot dissipater positioned at the base of the diffusers is chromed and shaped in a distinctive manner. Even the last ogive is L.E.D. illuminated. The collection is rounded out by two L.E.D. wall lamps and a table lamp equipped with a lamp shade with a Plexiglas upper shield and traditional lighting. All the metal parts are chromed.

Available colours: white/crystal; Shades: white, black