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For those looking for a tub to help them relax after a stressful day at work, then the WAVE Diamond model is undoubtedly the tub that you are looking for. Due to its perfect design, the tub transforms every bathroom into a true haven of well-being, where one can completely switch off and relax. This free-standing unit of art work does not allow any more size alteration, and a drainage/overflow prevention system cannot be incorporated either. This free-standing model boasts a creation of wood and glass, combined to create a unique combination, making the WAVE Diamond tub a particularly superior model. The tubs are intricately crafted by hand, and every tub is unique. Customers can select between mahogany wood in all different kinds of tones, thereby adding their personal touch. Your individual creativity is reflected in your tub through this process, even though your tub is already exceptional because of its unique design. Displayed in showroom Bagno Sasso, Landquart.

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Manufacturer Bagno Sasso
Family Wave - Diamond
Architonic ID 1096189

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