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Badesofa Mother of Pearl L
Badesofa Bath Pillow
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Product description

L = 80 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm

Badesofa L is particularly suitable for large and bulbous, round or triangular bathtubs.

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Badesofa is different from conventional bath pillows. Simple, modern, innovative design combined with maximum comfort. It proves its size and supports the entire upper body.The head and the entire back can be comfortably laid down. This provides more support and better lying comfort in the bath. Badesofa is designed as a water-permeable underwater cushion. Specially developed diving weights counteract any buoyancy of the cushion during bathing. Badesofa lies fully on the floor of the bathtub and thus prevents annoying sliding back and forth. The high-quality materials of the Badesofa can be used in water without hesitation. A special coating on the outer fabric and cushion filling makes the Badesofa resistant to mould and mildew stains. Simply leave Badesofa in your bathtub after your bath, it will easiliy dry and your bathtub will be made homely.