Product description

Polycarbonate vent (extruded aluminium with a white finish).

W: 296 cm

LINIA E 280 DP Fluor. 2 x 80W (G5) 1480 x 297 mm. LINIA E 254 DP Fluor. 2 x 54W (G5) 1180 x 297 mm. LINIA E 239 DP Fluor. 2 x 39W (G5) 880 x 297 mm. LINIA E 224 DP Fluor. 2 x 24W (G5) 580 x 297 mm.

Product family


Linia is a lighting system designed to be fitted to the ceiling, allowing for the creation of continuous lines. It comprises a lighting module and a technical module. The lighting module is available in different lengths, depending on the voltage of the T5 fluorescent bulb it holds, and also incorporates electronic ballasts. It can also be made to incorporate emergency lighting. There are two diffusers running lengthways along this section to blow hot or cold air, and an accessory can be included to adjust the flow. The technical or service module, which can be made to any size depending on the client's requirements, can be used to incorporate a loud-speaker system, fire detection and extinguishing equipment, motion sensors, photocells, etc.
The section comprising the lamp and the hot/cold air diffuser is made from pre-lacquered injected aluminium. The air diffuser section is made out of electro galvanised steel. Linia comes with two types of diffuser: micro-perforated steel or opaline polycarbonate. Depending on the type of diffuser chosen, the light is available in two different finishes: matt white (RAL 9010) for the polycarbonate diffuser, and grey (RAL 9006), for the micro-perforated diffuser.
Linia is supplied with a terminal box with a set of three wires, which is longer than the lamp, to facilitate the modular installation of the Linia system. It can also be ordered with an adjustable ballast, can be made compatible with the Dali system, and also with a single fluorescent bulb.